Add Eye Safety to your Holiday Gift Giving

Did you know that BB and pellet guns are considered firearms under New Jersey law – and that these types of “toys” blind children every year? Unfortunately, the number of eye injuries caused by these non-powder guns is steadily increasing. In fact, a study published earlier this year showed an increase of almost 170 percent over the last 23 years. That’s why your doctors at Atlantic Eye recommend that if you’re gifting BB, pellet, or paintball guns this holiday season, make sure protective eyewear and proper guidance are part of the package.

To prevent eye damage from non-powder type guns, Atlantic Eye physicians share the following tips from the American Academy of Ophthalmology:

  • Give proper eye protection. It’s important for children to wear eye protection that meets national standards for non-powder guns.
  • Get a target. Have children shoot BB and pellet guns only at paper or gel targets with a backstop to trap BBs or pellets.
  • Educate children. Teach them proper safety precautions for handling and using non-powder guns.
  • Be present. Ensure that there is appropriate adult supervision at all times.

If an eye injury does occur, seek immediate medical attention from an ophthalmologist.

If you can’t get to an ophthalmologist right away, go to the emergency room. Before you get medical attention, make sure to never to touch, rub, apply pressure, or try to remove any object stuck in the eye. Avoid using over-the-counter eye drops, as they can be more painful or make the injury worse.

So, if a non-powder gun is a “must-have” for a child on your holiday gift list, you’ll want to do all you can to safeguard their precious eyesight. The good news is, protective eyewear and proper guidance make BB, pellet and paintball gun activities safer for children.

From all of us at Atlantic Eye, we wish you and your loved ones a beautiful, safe, and joyful holiday season. We look forward to helping you and your family keep your eyes healthy and happy in the New Year!