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August is National Eye Exam Month, the perfect time to remember the importance of regular eye exams, even if you haven’t noticed any problems with your vision. Let’s talk about why eye exams are so important, and when you and your family members should have them. The Why – A No-Brainer Many people think their […]

Can Menopause Cause Dry Eyes?

You’ve probably heard of (or experienced!) the hot flashes, irregular periods and other discomforts said to go along with the hormonal changes of menopause for women. But did you know that these changes also mean a higher risk of developing dry eye syndrome? Though tear production decreases for both men and women as we age, […]

Watch Out for Chronic Dry Eye

Sometimes we may be able to manage the symptoms of Dry Eye with over-the-counter (OTC) remedies, usually with things like “artificial tear” eye drops, warm compresses, and avoidance of irritants. But at some point, OTC treatments and lifestyle changes may not work as well or at all. July is National Dry Eye Awareness Month, a […]