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The Optical department at Atlantic Eye is dedicated to superior patient care. We carry a wide variety of frames in all price categories. Our opticians will discuss the newest lens technology and the best options for each specific prescription. We will promote eye health and safety through our knowledgeable and experienced staff.

A qualified professional in our Optical Center can help you determine the best design for your face. Ideally, glasses should highlight a positive physical attribute, such as the color of your eyes. Frame size should be in scale with the size of your face, and the shape of the lenses should contrast with your facial shape. Your natural coloring — including hair, eye, and skin tone — can also have an impact on the best style for your face.

At Atlantic Eye Optical Center, our skilled staff is always here to help you find the right glasses or other eyewear to make the impression you want. Whether you’re choosing your first pair of glasses, or you’re cultivating a new aesthetic, our opticians are ready, willing, and able to help you find your next, flattering pair of glasses, from basic frames to lens design options.

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We carry the latest designer eyewear brands

Our Eye Health Services

Friendly personalized attention for selection of eyewear

Fulfillment of current eyeglass prescription

Lifetime adjustments of eyewear at no additional charge

Complimentary cleaning at any time

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Superior Lens Quality

The Opticians insist on only superior lenses for our patients, and we are pleased to offer the latest lens materials and options available:

  • Polycarbonate Lenses (safest and strongest material available)
  • Hi-Index Lenses (thinner for stronger prescriptions)
  • Progressive Multi-Focal lenses (no-line)
  • Superior Anti-Reflective Lenses (reduces glare)
  • UV Protection
  • Polarized Sun Lenses (best lenses for sunglasses, cuts through glare from the road, cars and especially water)
  • Prescription and non-prescription available.
  • Transition Lenses (tint darkens with sunlight)
  • Transitions are now available in a variety of colors including gray, brown, emerald, amethyst, amber and sapphire to expand your Transition choices.
  • Sport Goggles (for active children and adults)
  • In addition to many other brands, We now carry Ray Ban, Costa and Gucci frames and sunglasses in our Optical Centers.


We provide the latest technological advances in eyewear

Providing the highest level of care with compassion, honesty and friendliness in a professional and cost- effective environment is our goal. Our focus is to provide the latest technologically advanced eyewear to enhance the vision of our patients.

Our Doctors are equipped to help you maintain your optimal eye health. Conditions like presbyopia, glaucoma, cataracts, and corneal diseases can cause significant damage to your eyes, even resulting in permanent vision loss. We utilize state-of-the-art tools, vision screenings, and examinations that help us to evaluate, diagnose, and treat these issues properly.

We will strive to achieve 100% satisfaction with every patient purchase. Please come and visit our Optical Center at any of our four locations.

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