Our Facilities

Atlantic Eye has four convenient locations in Monmouth County: Eatontown, Little Silver, Holmdel, and Wall Township.

Each office is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment: digital imaging, corneal topography, anterior & posterior segment OCT.

Atlantic Eye is New Jersey’s leading practice for comprehensive eye care and surgery. Our doctors are the best in their fields and have provided the highest quality vision care for over 50 years, to hundreds of thousands of patients.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best personalized eye care, from routine examinations to state-of-the-art eye surgery. Come to Atlantic Eye and see the world in a better light.

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Atlantic Eye Surgery Center

Learn more about our world-class eye-surgical specialties: Refractive Surgery / Lasik, Advanced Custom Cataract Surgery, Eye Plastic Surgery, Glaucoma and Retinal Detachment Surgery among others.

At Atlantic Eye Surgery Center, our in-demand services are at the leading edge of modern eye-health services from maintenance to makeover – including advanced custom cataract surgery, laser vision correction, corneal transplant surgery, and DSEK. We’re also sought out for our expertise in glaucoma evaluations, laser therapy, and retinal care for diabetes and macular degeneration.

Not sure which procedure is right for you? Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is committed to providing you with all of the information you need to make the right choice. We are dedicated to ensuring that our patients feel comfortable with, and empowered by, the process—and that’s why we are here to help you from research to results, every step of the way.

Looking to improve your appearance? Ready to look younger, rested and more beautiful? The eyes have it! We perform eyelid rejuvenation, Botox and Restylane procedures in our office, too.

Atlantic Eye is also here to help you with any eye injuries and emergencies. We have the expertise, the experience and the facilities to take care of you and your family members should an eye-related emergency arise. In fact, our surgical center was voted one of the best in New Jersey.

Whether it’s a comprehensive eye examination, contact lens evaluation and fitting, medical condition, emergency or cosmetic procedure, Atlantic Eye is your total eye care one-stop-shop. And speaking of shopping, be sure to stop by our optical boutique, where we offer a huge selection of affordable eyewear, guaranteed to fit your style.

With convenient locations in Eatontown, Holmdel and Little Silver and Wall, our trusted team of highly skilled physicians will give you a new and improved view of life.

At Atlantic Eye, we are committed to helping you see your future, clearly.

Atlantic Eye Laser Surgery

The staff at our Laser Surgery facility is a special part of the entire surgery experience at Atlantic Laser Vision Center. Our team of certified ophthalmic assistants and technicians is chosen for their exceptional technical, surgical, and patient support skills. They share the enthusiasm generated by our mission to provide the finest in refractive surgery. They excel in teamwork and individually in their skills to utilize our advanced technologies to achieve our patients’ goals.

From all-laser LASIK to a dedicated, well-ventilated surgery room with both lasers in one place, the Atlantic Eye Laser Center is built to provide each patient with the best technology available, the latest procedures, and a comfortable, informative environment. To that end, we spare no expense in staff, equipment, or physical plant.

For example, we have two waiting rooms: one in front, and a special family room directly adjacent to the surgery room. Our family waiting room is equipped with powerful direct- link technology that allows interested or just nervous family members to watch the procedure exactly as the doctor sees it.

It’s a great source of comfort and knowledge, and it’s just one of the many special touches we’ve assembled to make the Atlantic Eye Laser Center as comfortable as possible.

The facility is also equipped with a vast array of computer scanning and optical equipment that we use to create a personalized view of your eyes. Our Visante corneal analysis technology measures your eyes with 3-D analysis and greater accuracy and detail than traditional topography measurements. We create and examine three-dimensional views of your eyes to help you understand which procedure might help you see the best you possibly can.

For more information on how we can help you improve your vision, call or contact us today!

Atlantic Eye Optical Center


Our opticians will discuss the newest lens technology and the best options for each specific prescription. We will promote eye health and safety through our knowledgeable and experienced staff.

As part of the Optical Center’s full service capabilities, patients enjoy:

  • Friendly personalized attention for selection of eyewear
  • Fulfillment of current eyeglass prescription
  • Lifetime adjustments of eyewear at no additional charge
  • Complimentary cleaning at any time
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed


The Opticians insist on only superior lenses for our patients, and we are pleased to offer the latest lens materials and options available:

  • Polycarbonate Lenses (safest and strongest material available)
  • Hi-Index Lenses (thinner for stronger prescriptions)
  • Progressive Multi-Focal lenses (no-line)
  • Superior Anti-Reflective Lenses (reduces glare)
  • UV Protection
  • Polarized Sun Lenses (best lenses for sunglasses, cuts through glare from the road, cars and especially water) Prescription and non-prescription available.
  • Transition Lenses (tint darkens with sunlight)
    Transitions are now available in a variety of colors including gray, brown, emerald, amethyst, amber and sapphire to expand your Transition choices.
  • Sport Goggles (for active children and adults)
  • In addition to many other brands, We now carry Ray Ban, Costa and Gucci frames and sunglasses in our Optical Centers.

Providing the highest level of care with compassion, honesty and friendliness in a professional and cost- effective environment is our goal. Our focus is to provide the latest technologically advanced eyewear to enhance the vision of our patients.

We will strive to achieve 100% satisfaction with every patient purchase. Please come and visit our Optical Center at any of our four locations.


We believe in supporting our patients

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