Yearly Archives: 2024

Do Your Eyes Need a Digital Detox?

After hours of using a computer, smartphone, or other digital device, you may notice that your vision blurs and your eyes feel achy, tired, and dry. This is digital eye strain, and it affects screen users of all ages. Thankfully, long periods of digital viewing will not cause permanent eye damage, but digital eye strain […]

Commander-in-Sight: A Look at Presidential Eye Problems

Despite their exalted position, even presidents are only human and therefore subject to common maladies that can affect us all. This includes problems with their eyes. Presidents Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Harry Truman, and John F. Kennedy all wore glasses, while Richard Nixon opted for contact lenses. President James Buchanan had a noticeable eye twitch, […]

What’s Up, Doc? Bugs Bunny’s Carrots & Other Eye Myths

Would that rascally cartoon rabbit get supercharged eyesight from eating so many carrots? In real life we hear all sorts of ideas about what is good and bad for our eyes, but are they true? To separate fact from fiction, let’s look into 10 common myths about eyes: 1. Eating carrots will improve your vision. […]