Confused About the Right Frames for your Face? You’re Not Alone!

When you visit the Atlantic Eye Optical department with your prescription in hand, it’s thrilling to see and try on the many styles, shapes, colors, and materials of fashionable eyeglasses. But it can be hard to make that final decision with confidence.

Here’s some advice about what styles will tend to flatter your individual face shape. To pick out your face shape, it may help to trace the outline using a marker on a mirror.

• Square: a broad, deep forehead and wide-set jawline, straight lines along the sides, usually with a squared-off chin. Choose a style that’s narrow in width. Oval-shaped frames help soften the lines.

• Round: this face is shorter with fuller cheeks, a wider forehead, and a rounded chin. Rectangular-shaped frames will contrast the roundness and make the face appear slimmer.

• Triangle: Very wide forehead, small chin. To diminish forehead width, look for frames that are wider at the bottom, frames that are light in color, and/or rimless.

• Oblong: longer than it is wide with a long, straight cheek line and often a long nose. Broader frames and those with lower bridges will flatter this face by making it appear narrower and shorter.

• Oval: evenly balanced, gently rounded with a forehead slightly wider than the jaw, with high cheekbones. It’s hard for ovals to go wrong with a well-balanced classic shape, especially if your choice is wider than the broadest part of your forehead and is not very deep or narrow.

• Diamond: narrow across the eye and jawline, with broad cheekbones, this 14-karat face shape looks good in detailed frames, rimless, oval, and cat-eye frames to add width to the eye line.

• Heart: broader at the top along forehead and cheeks, curving down to a smaller chin. To lessen width at the top, consider rimless, light-colored glasses and avoid the widening effect of aviator and semi-rimmed styles.

But there’s more than face shape to consider! Your eyeglass frames should help bring out positive features such as eye color, and hair color, and flatter your individual skin tone. At your full-service Atlantic Eye Optical Center, you will be able to try on sample frames, and feel their weight and how they fit the contours of ears and bone – considerations of quality, comfort, and personalized service that you can’t get from an internet site. Our skilled and licensed opticians are always here to help you find your next, flattering pair of glasses, from basic frame options to lens design options, so your glasses are totally you!