Patient Testimonials

Hear what the patients are saying about Dr. Ply, a renowned Myrtle Beach eye doctor for over 18 years. Dr. Ply and his staff at Atlantic Eye understand your vision is critical to your overall happiness and well-being and are here to help you maintain your eye health, and consult and treat for eye issues such as cataracts, and LASIK.

Robert Pugh
I couldn’t believe that the morning after my procedure I was 20/20 without glasses. Dr. Ply and his staff were excellent.

Murry G Honick
As a physician, i found that the surgery was a fascinating experience. Not only did my distant vision return to childhood clarity, but my near vision continued to be excellent.

Janet Minick
Human Resources
Dr. Ply is the best! I would recommend him and his staff to anyone wanting great vision. It has been three weeks from my surgery and I can see 20/15. I see clearly when I wake up in the morning, all during the day, and when I drive at night. My eyes stay clear looking and are never irritated. Thank you Dr. Ply and your excellent, caring staff of professionals!

Sybil Thompson
Real Estate Sales
Having Laser surgery has been the most enjoyable and satisfying thing I have ever done just for me. At 96 years old, people thought I was crazy to spend so much for something I didn’t really have to have. They were wrong. The convenience and enjoyment of being able to pick up a book and read day or night has made life so much more enjoyable. Traveling is so much easier – “Nothing to pack up!” Just grab my sunglasses and go. To me this is “Priceless.”

Jason Carr
Realtor, Exit Grand Strand
This surgery has changed my life… My vision was sooo bad, I could not see at all without contacts. Dr. Ply has successfully corrected my eyes and I could not be happier. He is the best and this was the best thing that I could have ever done. Thanks Dr. Ply… You are the best.

Brent Carr
Student at Coastal Carolina
Before I had the surgery my vision was horrible. I had a lot of trouble with reading, seeing distant and with night vision. After the surgery I feel like I’m seeing a brand new world. Everyone at Dr. Ply’s office was very nice and helpful before and after the surgery. I would recommend this surgery to anyone. It’s great!

Chris MacDonald
Account Manager, J.S. Elite Flooring Co.
It’s freedom that I can’t describe! It feels like a miracle. Worth every penny! Wish I would have done this years ago. Dr. Ply and his staff were great!

Mark Hardiman
It’s nice to be able to see everything anywhere at anytime without relying on glasses or contacts. Something I have had to do for 35 years.

Tanya Propst
College Professor
The day after my surgery I stopped wearing contacts. Each day after the surgery thus far has been as if I am wearing my contacts but I am not. The payment plan is very affordable, with minimum down payment, interest free for the span of your payoff period. I could have and should have done this sooner.

Carol Malcolm
Registered Nurse
Wonderful experience! Dr. Ply and all the staff are excellent. I will definitely recommend this procedure and this group to anyone who is interested in obtaining great vision and throwing away their glasses/contacts!

Charles Jordan
Absolutley amazing. A procedure that took only a few seconds with very little discomfort elimated my need for glasses and contact lenses. My eyesight is identical now as with contacts but without the problems.

Diana Greene
Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce
The experience was so very easy and the entire staff has made it such a pleasant experience. My vision is now perfect and i still am amazed each and every day at the level of detail i can see now. It is so much better than contacts or glasses. I have been telling everyone they need to come and see if they are a candidate. Dr. Ply is the best!

Francis M. Sauvageau
Health Care Executive
The laser vision correction has been amazing! I have worn glasses for 40 years and cannot describe the feeling of freedom that has come from this procedure. Mundane tasks liking shaving are completely new experiences. My wife and daughter tell me i look younger, but as an avid walker and sports fanatic, the biggest change is my ability to more agressively function in sports without the concern of glasses!

Amy Bradley
Registered Nurse
I have been very, very pleased with my lasik procedure. It is so nice to wake-up and not need glasses or contacts. I have worn glasses and contacts for so long, sometimes i have to remind myself still because it has been such a part of my routine. I am glad i made the decision to have it done and chose dr. Ply. Dr. Ply and his staff have been wonderful. Looking forward to this summer, going to the beach – swimming will be a whole new experience.

Rick Snyder
M.D. This is truly one of the best things i have ever done. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend the procedure.

Eileen Sheehy
The laser correction was wonderful. Dr. Ply and his staff were outstanding. The first morning after the correction, when i could see without my glasses, was the most wonderful experience.

Mildred Bergeron
It is like a miracle. I have worn glasses for nearly 50 years. To be able to walk down the street, watch tv, use the computer without glasses is incredible for me. I had a permanent mark on my nose! When I look in the mirror, it’s like seeing someone else. Wish i hadn’t waited so long.

Brian Stout
Business Owner
What a wonderful change. The process was easy, fast and painless. The new eyes are unbelievable. I do have the halo effect, however, this only seems to occur above the heads of the office staff and Dr. Ply!Seriously, what a wonderous change. Everyone is super nice, polite and helpful!

Mark Hoeweler-Planning Director
Waccamaw Hospital
The procedure itself was 10-15 minutes with only minor discomfort. Afterwards,I was able to read without constantly adjusting my line of sight. I have had to wear glasses for 35 years and have forgotten how good it is not to be bothered by rain, swimming or to do close in work without constanlty removing my glasses to get a better view.

Niki Wilson
I am amazed when i wake-up in the middle of the night and can see the alarm clock without pulling the clock an inch from my nose. It’s made surgery easier! Exercising and so many other activities are so much better. I couldn’t be happier with my decision!

Mitch Adams
Morning Radio Personality
Lasik gave me the opportunity to see without the obstruction of eyeglasses and so others could see the real me. It’s amazing to see a movie and not have to have the eyewear in place . Movies are a great love of mine and now i can view them without going through a filter.

John Harrison
The main reason i wanted to have my vision corrected was so that i could eliminate the dry eyes i was having from contacts. Dr. Ply was recommended by a close friend. The staff has been great from day one! The surgery was simple and painless and now i can see at distances i had never been able to see at before. Thanks a lot dr. Ply and your wonderful staff!”