LASIK Eye Surgery in Time for Hockey Playoffs

The NHL regular season is rumbling toward an exciting conclusion. With the stretch run in full swing, every game, goal, and point in the standings could make the difference. Hockey is always a fast-paced sport, and the intensity only ratchets up even further as the biggest games of the season draw near.

With the gift of sight from LASIK eye surgery, you can enjoy the action with clarity whether you’re on your couch, in the upper deck, or sitting right by the glass at center ice.

Make the Most of This Year’s NHL Playoffs with the Gift of Clear Vision

Playoff games hinge on the tiny, split-second moments that make hockey so special. A heavy slap shot from the blue line deflects off a defender’s skate and slips by a red-hot goalie. A clever, perfectly timed pass for a scoring opportunity that nobody in the building saw coming – including the opposing team. HD television has been a great gift for hockey fans, but following the puck still takes effort.

  • Don’t miss a moment. Catch every perfect pass, scorching shot, and big hit – even when you’re surrounded by a rowdy group of fans.
  • Hockey is a game of constant change, with personnel regularly rotating based on the game situation. Want to follow your favorite player, no matter where he is on the ice? Clear vision means it will be easier to locate them.
  • The game may be the center of the action, but the atmosphere around the NHL playoffs is also second to none. There’s simply nothing like erupting in celebration with your fellow fans after watching a game-winning goal hit the back of the net.

For hockey fans, this truly is the most wonderful time of the year. With the teams in the heat of the race for playoff position and the action on the ice moving at top speed, now is also the perfect time to enjoy the benefits of LASIK eye surgery.