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My LASIK Experience: Jason reveals his view on corrective eye surgery

LASIK eye surgery is a common method of treatment to improve vision and reduce, or, in many cases, completely eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. While the eye corrective surgery can act as a luxury to those who get to give up glasses or contact lenses, LASIK eye surgery patient Jeremy Sherman explains that the corrective eye surgery was a life changing experience for him.

Jason’s active lifestyle was repressed by the frustration of eye glasses and the constant worry of having to deal with contact lenses or glasses.

“Glasses obviously pose their problems, and contacts can make my eyes tired, so I would love the opportunity to go swimming and look underwater or boating or any activity just without the worry of what if my contact dries, or what if my eyes get sore, or what if I lose my glasses,” Jason explains just before his LASIK surgery procedure.

As with countless LASIK surgery candidates, Jason says his everyday life or activities he enjoys can be put on hold because of his vision challenges and need for glasses or contacts.

“I’m a very active guy. I’m either out surfing or snowboarding or hiking or camping or swimming or biking,” stated Jason. “I’m very happy to get out and do these things that I love, but I’ve been really inhibited by glasses and contact lenses.”

Like Jason, if you decide to move forward with corrective eye surgery, your LASIK eye surgeon will conduct a complete eye exam to ensure you are a strong candidate for the procedure. The 10 to 15 minute laser eye surgery is a release for so many to enjoy activities and experiences they may have otherwise always put on hold.

“So I’m kind of looking for freedom. I was really excited to get into the office and find out that after their tests, I was a candidate for LASIK from Dr. Ply and I was excited to sign up and accept my date for the operation,” announced an excited Jason.

A major benefit to LASIK eye surgery is that recovery is typically very short. While it is not uncommon to experience blurriness immediately after surgery, most patients, including Jason, see an improvement in their vision within days of the procedure.

“It was amazing to wake up the next day and just kind of hang out on the porch and watch the birds at the bird feeders. I’m going to be very excited, after my two weeks of healing, to get outside and be active and not need glasses or contacts,” he revealed.

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