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Want to know more about vision, ophthalmology, or eyes in general? The following links may help to make things a little more clear.


Eye health resources American Academy of Opthamology American Academy of Ophthalmology

 The mission of the American Academy of Ophthalmology is to protect sight and empower lives by serving as an advocate for patients and the public, leading ophthalmic education, and advancing the profession of ophthalmology.

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Eye Wiki

This is an eye encyclopedia where ophthalmologists, other physicians, patients and the public can view articles written by ophthalmologists covering the vast spectrum of eye disease, diagnosis and treatment.

Museum of Vision Eye FactsMuseum of Vision

The mission of the Museum of Vision is to effectively utilize the American Academy of Ophthalmology Foundation’s historical collection to educate people about the eye, vision and the history of ophthalmology.

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EyeSmart — American Academy of Ophthalmology

EyeSmart is a division of the American Academy of Ophthalmology specializing in videos that provide education and insight about eyes, vision, and the history surrounding them.


National Eye Institute

National Eye Institute

The National Eye Institute supports and conducts vision research that leads to many advances in the prevention and treatment of eye diseases and visual disorders.


This website was established by Alcon to provide an online resource for vision care and eye health. Along with the ability to explore the eye, you also have the opportunity to actively manage your eye health with online tools and reminders.